China Retinitis Pigmentosa Integrative Treatment Center provide a comprehensive, integrative treatment solution that meets the individualized needs of the RP patients. Our treatments range from Stem cell activation (StemActiv), stem cell therapy to eye injections (serum treatment and optic nerve growth factor), acupuncture. 30% of patients see improvement during their stay at our center. An estimated 80% of patients experience improvement within 3 to 6 months after our treatment.

Below video is what our patients said after integrative treatment, please check.

What Our Patients Say

Post-stroke vision recovery after 6 months AC STIM and Light Therapy

This 35-year-old male patient got severe stroke in May 2023. After he recovered consciousness, he lost both his central vision and peripheral vision severely. Doctors told him that it’s impossible to regain his vision function, due to the optic nerve atrophy.

Fortunately, his family didn’t give up, they began to search for emerging neuro-vision rehab, and found out some scientific research papers confirmed that microcurrent stimulation and light therapy are beneficial for regeneration of the damaged optic nerve cells.

They searched online for such kind of neuro-vision rehab devices and found AC STIM and V20 light therapy device. They knew the longer it took, less chance the dormant optic nerve cells would recover. Without any delay they ordered the AC STIM and V20 light therapy device, and began the home vision rehab from middle of June 2023.

After 6 months’ persistent stimulation, his central vision acuity got significant improved from light perception to 0.5. The peripheral vision has also been expanded. This has tremendously improved his life quality.






Secondary glaucoma post ocular injury: vision improved after 3 months neuro-vision rehab

This 54-year-old female got ocular injury by a car accident a year ago, her pupils dilated and had severe hyphema. She got secondary glaucoma, optic nerve atrophy and constricted peripheral vision afterwards.

Her glaucoma doctor recommended her start the neuro-vision rehabilitation right after the IOP was stabilized. After 3 months AC STIM and V20 light therapy, her peripheral vision got noticeable improvement from 41% to 53%, the damaged optic nerve function also got improved.







Ischemic optic neuropathy patient’s feedback after 1.5 months home vision therapy

This 57-year-old male patient suddenly lost his left eye vision due to a rare condition called ischemic optic neuropathy, his central vision is quite blurry and he lost most of the peripheral vision.

After an urgent corticosteroid therapy, his vision has been preserved, no more further vision loss. However, it was hard to restore the already lost vision.

His local doctor recommended him try the home vision therapy protocol, including V20 Light therapy, AC STIM and StemActiv. His peripheral vision got significant improvement so as the central vision acuity.








RP patient’s feedback after AC STIM home vision therapy for 1 week, 2 weeks and 5 weeks


This 36-yer-old RP patient experienced a rapid vision deterioration during the last three years pandemic. His central vision acuity was hand movement, and the peripheral vision was extremely constricted.

Here is his feedback after only 1 week AC STIM specific frequency alternating current stimulation therapy.




2 weeks later he can walk alone more confidently.






5 weeks later his vision improvement is more stable.



Glaucoma patient’s vision improved after 2 weeks AC STIM home vision therapy




Glaucoma patient’s feedback after 18 days of AC STIM+StemActiv home vision therapy




3 months follow up of optic nerve damage by glaucoma

This 29-year-old glaucoma patient did follow-up check after taking the integrative treatment of AC STIM and StemActiv for 3 months.

Before treatment, his both eyes central vision was very blurry, the vision acuity was only 0.02. The optic disc was pale.

After 3 months continuous home vision therapy of AC STIM + StemActiv, his central vision acuity improved to 0.15, he can see more clearly, the color of the optic disc becomes brighter, which shows better optic nerve function.







Optic neuritis patient’s feedback after 3 months home vision therapy

This 46-year-old female patient, her right eye suffered from optic neuritis complicated with optic nerve atrophy.She has got optic disc edema and her peripheral vision was very restricted.

After 3 months AC STIM device and StemActiv orally taken herbal supplement, her central vision acuity improved from 0.6 to 1.0 and the peripheral vision got significantly expanded.

The optic disc edema healed.






Glaucoma patient’s feedback after 2 months home vision therapy for restoration of the optic nerves

This 53-year-old lady suffered from glaucoma 2 years ago, since then she started using the eye drops and other medication to manage her intraocular pressure.

Her central vision acuity decreased rapidly as well as her peripheral vision, there were more and more blind spots on the visual field, until both sides central vision decreased to 20/60. The left eye peripheral vision is extremely constricted. She also had very serious dry eye symptoms, both eyes are very dry and fatigue.

Our medical team recommended her take the home vision therapy: 3 months StemActiv + AC STIM + OCU-ION.

After two months treatment, she repeated the tests, her central vision acuity improved to:

left eye: 20/25

right eye: 20/40

The left eye peripheral vision also got dramatically expanded.

VEP showed the nerve pathways recovered. The dry eye symptoms have been completely cured.





Feedback of optic nerve damage and mydriasis caused by injury

This 40-year-old lady injuredher right eye when playing badminton. She was diagnosed traumatic optic neuropathy, hyphema, secondary glaucoma, traumatic mydriasis. She was admitted to hospital for 10 days, to control the eye pressure and treat the bleeding of anterior chamber. But her vision acuity of the right eyedid not get any improvement, her vision was very blurry and foggy. She could not focus on things due to the traumatic mydriasis. She had to stop driving and her life quality was severely affected.

After discharge, the doctor recommended her the whole set of home vision therapy to recover the optic nerve function:

* 9 months StemActiv (improve the blood supply to maintain the optic nerve function).

* AC STIM 20 minutes daily (activate the dormant optic nerve cells).

* OCU-ION 20 minutes daily (control the IOP and accelerate the absorption of the anterior chamber bleeding, improve the vision acuity).

After 6 months of consistent neuroprotection, her vision function improved a lot and she did the eye check. The central vision acuity improved from 0.05 to 0.6. Her dilated pupil decreased from 6 millimeter to 3 millimeter. The peripheral vision expanded significantly. She can drive again.


  • RP patient’s feedback after 6 months StemActiv+AC STIM+OCU ION

This 46-year-old RP patient started take StemActiv 6 months ago, after taking StemActiv for one month, he felt his night vision became brighter, he was more confident walking in dim light. However, his didn’t feel much difference of his field vision. We highly recommended him add AC STIM and OCU-ION as the adjuvant treatment to accelerate the activation of the dormant rods and cones. After 6 months of the comprehensive home vision therapy: StemActiv+AC STIM+OCU-ION, his peripheral vision got dramatically improved.

  • Six months follow-up of a Japanese Usher-syndrome patient

This Usher-syndrome patient from Japan gave us feedback after taking StemActiv for one week, two months, three months and six months. We pick up this patient’s follow-up, because he himself is also a medical staff, he has recorded his experience in detail.

1, After taking StemActiv for one week, he didn’t feel anything negative, night vision has got a little bit brighter.

2, After two months,his central vision blurriness was reduced, his visual field opened up, night vision improved.

3, Three months after taking StemActiv, his peripheral vision and central vision acuity has continuously improved, it’s easier to see computer screen.

4, Six months feedback, his peripheral vision got significantly improved, but central vision not that ideal.

  • A Nigerian RP patient’s feedback right after stem cell treatment

The 41-year-old RP patient can read the message clearly on his cellphone for the first time after the stem cell treatment in China RP Integrative Treatment Center.

  • RP patient’s feedback after 1.5 months’ serum treatment

The 38-year-old RP patient’s feedback after one and half month of serum treatment. She got even more improvement in her peripheral vision after discharge from our center. We hope she maintains the improvement with the stimulation of the dormant optic cells.

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