China Retinitis Pigmentosa Integrative Treatment Center provide a comprehensive, integrative treatment solution that meets the individualized needs of the RP patients. Our treatments range from Stem cell activation (StemActiv), stem cell therapy to eye injections (serum treatment and optic nerve growth factor), acupuncture. 30% of patients see improvement during their stay at our center. An estimated 80% of patients experience improvement within 3 to 6 months after our treatment.

Below video is what our patients said after integrative treatment, please check.

What Our Patients Say

  • Six months follow-up of a Japanese Usher-syndrome patient

This Usher-syndrome patient from Japan gave us feedback after taking StemActiv for one week, two months, three months and six months. We pick up this patient’s follow-up, because he himself is also a medical staff, he has recorded his experience in detail.

1, After taking StemActiv for one week, he didn’t feel anything negative, night vision has got a little bit brighter.

2, After two months,his central vision blurriness was reduced, his visual field opened up, night vision improved.

3, Three months after taking StemActiv, his peripheral vision and central vision acuity has continuously improved, it’s easier to see computer screen.

4, Six months feedback, his peripheral vision got significantly improved, but central vision not that ideal.

  • A Nigerian RP patient’s feedback right after stem cell treatment

The 41-year-old RP patient can read the message clearly on his cellphone for the first time after the stem cell treatment in China RP Integrative Treatment Center.

  • RP patient’s feedback after 1.5 months’ serum treatment

The 38-year-old RP patient’s feedback after one and half month of serum treatment. She got even more improvement in her peripheral vision after discharge from our center. We hope she maintains the improvement with the stimulation of the dormant optic cells.

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