Usher Syndrome Plus Secondary Macular Edema Patient Got Significant Vision Improvement

Before treatment:

This 32-year-old male patient is from Hebei province, China. Recently, his vision acuity decreased dramatically during a short period of time. Following is the test results and gene test report:


Confirmed diagnoses are:

  • bilateral Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Usher syndrome
  • bilateral secondary macular edema
  • bilateral constricted peripheral vision
  • bilateral vitreous opacity
  • bilateral refractive errors


vision acuity before treatment: OS 0.25; OD 0.3;



After treatment:

Patient was admitted to the China RP Integrative Treatment Center on May 9, 2019, after one session serum treatment, he discharged on May 19, 2019. On June 22, 2019, he came back to do the follow up check.

Vision acuity one month after treatment: OS 1.0; OD 0.5

His macular edema also got relief, he sees much better compared before treatment, he is now more confident to restore his vision and hold on the life quality.

Although our treatment is not a cure for these retina diseases, what we are dedicated to do is to supply more nutrition to the retina and restore or improve their vision function, hold on the life quality till the final solution (e.g. gene therapy) is available.

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