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RP is one of the most common forms of inherited retinal degeneration which causes visual deficiency leading to blindness. The current treatment options include stem cell therapy, gene therapy, serum and nerve growth factor injection, stem cell activation (StemActiv), visual prosthesis, etc.

Stem Cell Therapy:

Stem cell therapy can potentially replace degenerate photoreceptors and retinal cells. When placed in the appropriate tissue niche, these stem cells not only survive but differentiate into critical retinal cells and photoreceptors. Further studies are needed to optimize techniques and make sure a permanent effect.

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Gene Therapy:

A variety of gene mutations cause RP. Gene therapy may be the next innovation for improving vision in young RP patients. The first gene therapy was approved by FDA in late 2017, which is known as LUXTURNA, the gene therapy for people with Leber Congenital Amaurosis(LCA) caused by mutations in the gene RPE65.

However, the cost for one-time treatment is USD850,000 (for both eyes), and it’s still not known how long will the treatment benefits last.

Serum and Nerve Growth Factor Injection:

Autoserum and nerve growth factor contains a large number of active factors that counteract the degeneration of photoreceptors, it also includes the essential protein for the self-renewal of optic stem cells. During this treatment, retrobulbar injection is utilized to deliver autoserum as well as nerve growth factor as close as possible to the retina and the optic nerve in order to better target the site of damage.

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Stem Cell Activation (StemActiv):

Compared with the above-mentioned treatment procedures, which have different limitations and uncertainties, Stem cell activation (StemActiv) is quite safe and the effect is mild and permanent. It’s made of the best herb-based components for activation of your dormant optic nerve stem cells, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and boost immunity. This formula increases the blood, nutrients and oxygen supply to the eyes, detoxes the metabolic waste of the retina. It restores and improves RP vision through natural healing by treating the root cause.

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Visual prosthesis:

Visual prosthesis, also known as bionic eye, is the only surgical implantable device currently available for RP patients who bare no light perception. It costs about USD150,000, excluding the cost of the implantation surgery and training to learn to use the device. Unfortunately, people still cannot see any details, they can regain some light perception and feel light or dark after implantation of the bionic eye. If you want to know more about the latest update of RP treatment, please subscribe to our free email newsletter at: