Stem-Cell Therapy Advances in China

Stem-cell therapy is a promising method for treating patients with a wide range of diseases and injuries.

Increasing government funding of scientific research has promoted rapid developments in stem-cell research in China, as evidenced by the substantial increase in the number and quality of publications in the past 5 years.

Multiple high-quality studies have been performed in China that concern cell reprogramming, stem-cell homeostasis, gene modifications, and immunomodulation.

The number of translation studies, including basic and preclinical investigations, has also increased. Around 100 stem-cell banks have been established in China, 10 stem-cell drugs are currently in the approval process, and >400 stem cell-based clinical trials are currently registered in China.

With continued state funding, advanced biotechnical support, and the development of regulatory standards for the clinical application of stem cells, further innovations are expected that will lead to a boom in stem-cell therapies.

This review highlights recent achievements in stem-cell research in China and discusses future prospects.