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Pretreatment for Stem Cell and Gene Therapies

RP patients’ vision loss comes on slowly and methodically, depending on their gene mutation type and the overall health condition. Gradual vision loss is even more frustrating for those who may not develop noticeable symptoms until the disease has become severe. Our bodies are designed to uphold and adhere to more holistic wellness than ever thought possible, since we came from natural circumstances, and it’s with these natural remedies that we’re able to return and restore what was given to us at birth, for example, our vision. Therefore, the best strategy for RP patients is early detection and prompt intervention by natural and organic herb remedies. It’s safe and the effect is permanent.

Research has shown that RP patients who supplement with StemActiv and consistently consume it for 3–6 months of the year, have had, on average, an annual decrease in the loss of retinal function by 20 percent, as measured by ERG in comparison to those not taking StemActiv.

StemActiv contains the natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic agents and neurotrophic factors, which contribute to retinal neuroprotection. It will surely increase the success of stem cell and gene therapies, as it helps provide an adequate environment of healthy optic cells, as a substrate for gene transplant or optogenetic approaches, which could hardly be successful in a damaged tissue surrounded by dying optic cells.

Genetic material can be injected into a certain zone in the eyes and eventually restore the vision function, but without a global actuation on the whole retina by maintaining the health of the adjacent cells, and inflamed surrounding could end in a complete failure of any therapy. It’s the best preparation for future stem cell and gene therapies, which will double guarantee the best treatment outcomes.

It is not a fictitious claim to employ natural and organic remedies for RP. One important factor to take into account is that the natural method isn’t magic and a quick fix. Patience and perseverance are two traits that must be followed towards the path to a better vision.

Many western medicine doctors are now incorporating more alternative herbs and solutions into their traditional medical practices. If our holistic wellness ranks higher in society than prescription drugs and their higher costs and the propensity towards addiction, it’s highly likely that natural remedies will be more popular than western medicine, due to the lower cost and better results without any side effects.

Here’s a quick list of natural remedies that can slow down RP patients’ vision loss process or restore and even improve their vision while helping your overall wellness.

1, StemActiv: A natural stem cell activation formula for RP, is made of the best herb-based components for activation of your dormant optic nerve stem cells, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, and boost immunity. This natural herbal formula increases the blood, nutrients, and oxygen supply to the eyes detoxes the metabolic waste of the retina and reduces inflammation of the optic cells, it maintains visual function and in the long run, restores or improves the central vision and peripheral vision through natural healing.

StemActiv benefits RP, Usher-Syndrome, Stargardt disease, dry macular degeneration for long-term use, without any side effects. This formula has been scientifically proved to be effective for RP and other retinal diseases since the 1990s. China RP center has started using StemActiv for RP patients since then. Thousands of patients have held on to their life quality and lived normal life for decades.

Below the link is the clinical observation on StemActiv, please check the detail.

2. Restore vision herbal tea: a specially designed formula featuring 14 high-quality bio herbal species. This formula improves the microcirculation of the retina and choroidal, protests the optic nerve, increases the antioxidative capacity of the retina. It’s especially beneficial for the complications caused by RP or macular degeneration, like vitreous opacity, cataracts, secondary glaucoma, dry eyes, or fatigue of the eyes.

The formula of the restored vision herbal products is all prescribed by TCM doctors who have over 20 years of clinical experience in treating degenerative eye disorders.

StemActiv is an intensive treatment to restore or improve the current vision function, and pretreatment to increase the success rate of future stem cell and gene therapies. Restore vision herbal products (including herbal tea bag, herbal eye pad and heating herbal eye mask) are complementary supplements for neuroprotection and accelerate the absorption of StemActiv. Both of StemActiv and restore vision herbal products protect the optic nerve function and activate the dormant photoreceptors from different aspects.

3. MacuRelief: The allopathic treatment of macular edema revolves around injections of Anti-VEGF that do not guarantee long-term relief. The formula of MacuRelief, on the other hand, is to treat the root cause of the disease pattern by activating the blood circulation in order to resolve stagnation. Visual capacity may be improved by promoting the circulation in the choroids and retina, preventing cell death, and reversing the inability to absorb and circulate nutrients vital for healthy vision.

It has been scientifically approved that the combination of natural remedies and herbs, coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle slows the progression of vision loss by as much as 30%.

All the restored vision herbs are from natural and organic plants. They have absolutely no side effects for long-term use. It’s wise to take these supplements and herbal medicine to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Besides, there are also some simple and easy steps to help prevent vision loss in daily life, including wearing UV-protective sunglasses in the outdoors, eating nutrient-dense foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, corn, nuts, fish, eggs) that are geared towards eye health, maintaining a proper weight and normal blood sugar and blood pressure level, managing stress, and avoiding smoking. All of these have an effect on our vision.