Patient Story–An American RP patient story in China RP Center

Lisa is a 28-year-old American girl. When she was a kid, she found she could not see clearly at night, but her vision was OK during the day. She was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Her parents bring her visit many doctors and they told them that there was no cure for retinitis pigmentosa and she had to wait. Later, when she went to college, her vision was decreased to 0.5 and 0.6.

5 year later, her eyesight began to decrease significantly when she was pregnant. After her baby was born, her eyesight was getting more poor. Her parents happened to see China RP Center’s advertisement in Google. The advertisement post was about RP treatment, and they were very curious about the treatment. Because it’s very hard for them to believe that there is such kind of treatment in China. So they click it and started communication with us. Her parents also searched other treatments in Germany, Canada, India. They were considering which one was better, after careful consideration about the treatment, they think China RP Center was the best choice. So her parents bring her to China RP Center on Dec 2019 for further treatment.

Physical condition before comprehensive Treatment :

Lisa’s the visual acuity was 0.05 in the right eye, 0.01 in the left eye, the funds photo showed retinal pigmentation disorder, retinal arteries became narrow and narrow, and the optic disc was pale , The retina in the macular area became significantly thinner.

Treatment Procedure and Results:
After comprehensive examinations for her. our doctor made a comprehensive treatment plan for her, the treatment plan include stem cell treatment, serum treatment, Chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture and acupoint injection.

After 9 days of treatment, her binocular vision became clearer than before, and the optometry corrected the visual acuity of 0.1 in the right eye and 0.2 in the left eye, which was significantly improved. This vision is still relatively low for normal people, but for Lisa, the improvement of vision not only brings improvement in quality of life, but also brings hope and courage to future life.

We hope to see Lisa’s more improvements in the future.