Patient Story – A UK Patient Treatment Experience in China RP Center

Muhammad was born in Pakistan, when he was young, he and his family migrated to United Kindom. When he was around 20 years old, his vision was slow to decline, he did not care.

In 2016, when he was 30 years old, his vision was a sharp decline. His brother took him to the local hospital and he was diagnosed with retinal pigmentosa, but he had no treatment in the local hospital.

In Jan 2019, His brother found the website of China RP Center, he contacted us. After the consultation with the center. In Dec 2019, Muhammad and his brother came to our center.

According to the medical result,  Our doctor made a treatment plan for Muhammad, the treatment included stem cell treatment and serum treatment, and Chinese medicine treatment.

Eyesight chart examination before treatment: He can not see clearly the human face at 3m.  Left eye vision 0.1 ,  Right eye vision : eyesight 0.25

After 9 days of treatment: he can see a human face at 3m, Left eye vision: 0.2; Right eye vision: 0.35

He can see more colors and shapes of objects and his vision was now 0.15 at 1.5m.

Both Muhammad and his brother were very excited, Mohmand said he will come back for the follow-up treatment next year.  When Muhammad was discharged, it is almost near the end of 2019. he said this is the best new year gift.  We hope to see Muhammad’s more improvement in the future.