Patient story – One Australian RP patient shared her experience

Ava is a RP patient, she come from Australia, 40 years old.

She came to our center for RP treatment two times. First time,  when she came to our center on Dec 2018,  Her both eyes vision was 0.3.

Our doctor evaluated her situation and made a 7-days treatment plan for her,  the treatment plan include stem cell treatment, serum treatment, chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture and acupoint injection.

After two months since she fininshed the first time treatment,  on march 2019 she felt she can see the text on mobile more clearly and she can see more clearly when she go outside, and she went to the local hospital, the doctor checked her vision, her both eyes vision was changed to 0.5.

She was very excited, and she decided to come to our center again on Nov 2019.  Our doctor gave her the treatment which include serum treatment and chinese herbal medicine.

Currently, her vision was kept on 0.5.  She said to us, when she first time came to our center, she did not have much exception because she had tried some treatments before she came to our center and don’t have improvement. She said, the treatment in China RP center give her a big suprise, she never think about her vision can be changed from 0.3 to 0.5.

She said to us, there are three important things for her to improve her vision, and she want share them to other RP patients.

1,  Positive optimism

2,  Appropriate exercise, she said she walk 2 miles every day

3,  Treatment in China RP Center, she said the treatment give her hope, she will come again to our center next year

We believe her vision will get more improvement as long as she keep getting treatment.