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There are a few things that the eyes need to function properly: Oxygen, Nutrients, Glucose and constant neurological stimulation through specific ocular neurotransmitters. Reduced blood flow to the retina will cause accumulation of toxic and waste products in the eye tissue, it can also cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the optic cells. Toxins can cause obstruction, contamination, inflammation, degeneration and ultimately result in vision loss.

Dormant optic cells may be inactive, but are not dead or totally dysfunctional. Many neuro science experts have suggested that as long as the nucleolus of the cell is still alive and functioning, it may be restored to its normal and healthy state. The primary objective of StemActiv is activating the dormant rods and cones.

If your disease belongs to early or middle stage, and there are still lots of dormant cells alive, it can take from 3 to 6 months to awaken the dormant cells in your eyes and sick cells may regenerate into healthy new functional cells.

There are likely to be some dead cells that will not regenerate. The remainders of the cells are most likely functional, but not functioning. These cells may be restored to full function and thus your vision will improve. At this point there is no way to measure dead cells vs. dormant cells, only through taking StemActiv consistently for a certain time period can this be determined.

StemActiv is highly effective for correcting the underlying cause of progressive vision loss and is free from side effects. There are virtually no risks, the worst case scenario is even if vision cannot be improved, it will slow the progression. Slowing or arresting the degenerative process is a major benefit that is often overlooked.

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