Is Vitamin A safe for RP?

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Dietary supplementation with vitamin A is occasionally prescribed as a treatment for RP. However, there is one specific gene for which vitamin A is not recommended: ABCA4. This is because vitamin A accumulates toxic pigments in the retina and accelerates the progression of RP. It is not recommended that RP patients with the gene mutation ABCA4 take vitamin A. It is also recommended that people who take vitamin A supplements monitor liver function annually. Vitamin A is generally not recommended for smokers or pregnant women.

Research has shown that RP patients who supplement with StemActiv, and consistently consume this herbal supplement for 3–6 months of the year, have had, on average, an annual decrease in the loss of retinal function by 20 percent, as measured by ERG in comparison to those not taking StemActiv.

StemActiv is made of organic natural herbs and has absolutely no side effects for all genotypes of RP. It is also the best pretreatment for increasing the success rate of future gene and stem cell therapies, as it optimizes the microenvironment of the retina and includes anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-apoptosis components. It is the best supplement for RP patients to restore their vision in a safe and natural manner.