How COVID-19 and The Vaccines Impact RP Patients’ Vision

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How COVID-19 and The Vaccines Impact RP Patients’ Vision

1, COVID-19 damages the vision and causes irreversible damage to the optic nerves

If a patient were in respiratory distress long enough, theoretically poor perfusion and oxygen deprivation could lead to possible damage to metabolically active tissues, such as the optic nerve or retina, but this has yet to be reported in COVID-19 related cases.

In this instance, eye damage would be caused by decreased oxygen, rather than the virus itself. Additionally, it has been scientifically approved that, RP patients’ blood vessels in the retina are thinner than normal healthy people, their blood flow to the retina is 36% less than normal people.

Because of the severe ischemic condition in the retina, the healthy rods and cones (retina) will be damaged, more and more dormant optic nerve cells will die.

RP patients’ vision loss process might be accelerated if they were infected with COVID-19. Improving the oxygen and nutrients supply to the eyes and saving the dying cells become quite crucial for RP patients.

StemActiv, which is made of the best-herb-based components, increases blood circulation of the retina, stimulate your own body’s stem cells to migrate and produce new optic nerve cells, promote faster healing and recovery of the dormant cells.

Daily use of StemActiv also boosts the immune system and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects.
2, The COVID-19 vaccine might impact patients with eye disorders.

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong (picture) have reported that clinicians may need to be aware of special considerations for vulnerable patients with ophthalmic conditions, including those with inflammatory eye diseases and some autoimmune disorders. Literature has suggested that there may be a potential for lower vaccine efficacy in pharmacologically immunosuppressed patients. In addition, clinical ophthalmologists may need to be aware of the possibility of vaccine-induced antibody-dependent enhancement for pre-existing inflammatory eye diseases.  Regardless of the status of the vaccine roll-out in many jurisdictions, preventive measures need to be sustained to maximize the protective protocols to support clinicians and their patients, even after vaccination. Since the COVID-19 vaccines have just been rolled out, although the stage III clinical trial has been finished, there are still no reports about how RP patients’ vision respond to the vaccines.

Therefore, the best strategy to restore RP patients’ vision is keeping the general health condition, protecting the healthy rods and cones, and activating the dormant optic cells.

At this point in time, nobody has been able to regenerate and reanimate dead optic nerve cells, there is no “curing blindness”. In many cases, once you lose the vision, it’s gone. It’s hard to work with a dead nerve. StemActiv is certainly not a cure for RP, but it may be able to recover some lost vision for some and slow down the progression of vision loss for others. It cannot resurrect dead optic nerve cells, but it activates dormant cells and repairs damaged retinal cells. It’s the best natural solution and supplement for restoring RP patients’ vision for the long run.

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