Hermielyn Thompson Story Update

Women with RP are told to expect vision loss during pregnancy and child birth. But so far so good for Hermielyn Thompson, who gave birth to her son, Milton, three months ago. And she credits her stable vision to the stem cell implants she underwent at the RP Integrative Treatment Center nearly three years ago—along with a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, a daily dose of antioxidants and stress management.

“My vision improved after the stem cell surgery and it’s as good today as ever,” notes Hermielyn. “And for me, that amounts to further improvement given that I was told I would lose some vision with childbirth.”

Hermielyn, who is now forty, says that she does her part to take care of her eyes. This means taking care of herself and her overall health. She recognizes that lack of sleep and stress make her eyesight worse so she is careful to monitor both. She also limits her screen time, takes a complete food supplement everyday and lives a healthy active lifestyle. In addition, she plans to do maintenance treatments at the RP Integrative Treatment Center to ensure she is doing everything she can to manage her RP and maintain the visual improvements generated by the stem cell implants.

“I’m planning to go back to China next June or July to undergo the serum injection treatment acupuncture and Chinese herb injections,” says Hermielyn. “My advice for others with RP is to get the stem cell surgery and then take care of their health, eliminate stress, and do follow up maintenance treatments as necessary. It all works together to help our eyesight.”

To read Hermielyn’s full story about her stem cell implants and eyesight improvements, see below.