Comparison Of The 5 Advanced Treatments For RP

The most advanced treatments for RP in 2020 are gene therapy, stem cell therapy, serum therapy, intelligent visual implant, herbal products. The different indications of these 5 treatments are:

1. Gene therapy: for a certain type of gene mutation, it’s especially for early-stage patients, who have relatively good original vision function. Gene therapy is to slow down the deterioration of the retina, but it cannot improve the vision acuity. Till now, the only gene therapy available is Luxturna for the RPE65 gene mutation type.

2. Stem cell therapy: is for middle or late-stage RP. No matter what kind of gene type, stem cell therapy is to slow down the vision loss process or improve some of the vision function. But it cannot cure RP, needs to be repeated.

3. Serum therapy: is for all stages of RP, supply more nutrients to the retina, using patients’ own serum. As a conservative treatment, it cannot cure RP, it’s just to protect the optic nerve and restore the retina function.

4. Intelligent visual implant: is eligible for the advanced RP patients who have only light perception, nearly totally blind. It uses 256-channel flexible electrode implantable epi-retinal stimulator to transfer signals to the brain.

5. Restore vision herbal products: herb has a history of five thousand years to treat chronic eye diseases. Herbal products, as an effective intervention, helped many people restore their vision or slow down their vision loss process, strengthen the retina, and improve eye fatigue. It’s safe and the effect is permanent. It is necessary to eye to supplement nutrients.

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