Clinical Observation On StemActiv in Treatment of RP

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Clinical observation on StemActiv in treatment of RP

(This scientific paper summary is from the Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Ophthalmology published in 2001.)

In 1999, China RP Integrative Treatment Center did a clinical trial to observe the treatment results of StemActiv for 198 RP patients.

We randomly divided 198 RP patients (312 eyes) into two groups. 138 RP patients (216 eyes) were treated mainly with StemActiv in the observed group, and 60 RP patients (96 eyes) were treated with Vitamin A and Lutein in the control group. The 138 RP patients in the observed group took StemActiv twice a day, each time one bag(20g) melted in warm water, they consistently consumed it for 180 days. The control group also took the proper dosage of Vitamin A and Lutein once a day for 180 days.

After 180 days, the visual field, central vision acuity and VEP were compared in two groups. The central vision acuity got significantly improved after 180 days consume of StemActiv compared with the control group.

Dark spot value got reduced after StemActiv treatment.

P-VEP assess the visual pathways through the optic nerves and brain, it did not change a lot before and after the StemActiv treatment.

Conclusion: The total effective rate of six-months-StemActiv is 63.25%. StemActiv is made of organic herb-based components, to activate the dormant optic nerve stem cells and improve oxygen and nutrients supply to maintain the healthy rods and cones. The main ingredients like Angelica Sinensis and Lanceolate Dichotomous Starwort Root improve the blood circulation of the damaged optic nerve and anti-oxidation. Cassia Seed and Licorice detoxify the metabolic waste of the liver and kidney, strengthen the immune system, optimize the inner circumstance of the body. The eyes are not an isolated organ, the general health condition also plays an important role in vision health.

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