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Make Your Vision Top Priority in 2022

There are a few things that the eyes need to function properly: Oxygen, Nutrients, Glucose and constant neurological stimulation through specific ocular neurotransmitters. Reduced blood flow to the retina will cause accumulation of toxic and waste products in the eye tissue, it can also cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the optic cells. Toxins can cause obstruction, contamination, inflammation, degeneration and ultimately result in vision loss. Dormant optic cells may be inactive, but are not dead or totally dysfunctional. Many neuro ... Read more

Is Vitamin A safe for RP?

Dietary supplementation with vitamin A is occasionally prescribed as a treatment for RP. However, there is one specific gene for which vitamin A is not recommended: ABCA4. This is because vitamin A accumulates toxic pigments in the retina and accelerates the progression of RP. It is not recommended that RP patients with the gene mutation ABCA4 take vitamin A. It is also recommended that people who take vitamin A supplements monitor liver function annually. Vitamin A is generally not recommended for ... Read more

RP patient follow up after ten days, two weeks and 6 months

Feedback after taking herbal medicine for ten days: This RP patient from the UK gives us feedback after taking our herbal medicine. This voice message is after taking the herbal medicine for ten days. He felt a little bit clearer and the glare has reduced when going outside. Feedback after taking herbal medicine for two weeks: This feedback is after two weeks of using our medicine. His blurriness was reduced by 50%. His visual field opened up. Night vision improved. Feedback after taking herbal medicine ... Read more

Optogenetics Gene Therapy Regains Sight in Advanced RP

Eleven advanced RP patients, with no light perception, or just perception of light in the study eye, and no better than counting fingers in the fellow eye, received intravitreal optogenetics gene therapy. They improved visual acuity from baseline at 16 weeks. The single intravitreal injection targets bipolar cells instead of retinal ganglion cells. Optogenetics gene therapy turns bipolar cells into light-sensing activated neurons in response to light, making them the new photoreceptors of the retina. Methods: Totally eleven patients were enrolled in the ... Read more

4 Tips to Relieve Light-Sensitivity in RP

We found that a majority of our RP patients complained of light sensitivity or photophobia even in the absence of significant cataract. They most often complained of glare as irritation, pain, blurred vision, or a cause of tearing. The sun’s warm rays cause anguish, fluorescent lights at work make it hard to focus, the glare from the computer screen is more than just annoying. It’s probably the consequence of photoreceptor saturation or photochemical responsiveness, which is caused by the damage of the ... Read more

Clinical Observation On StemActiv in Treatment of RP

Clinical observation on StemActiv in treatment of RP (This scientific paper summary is from the Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Ophthalmology published in 2001.) In 1999, China RP Integrative Treatment Center did a clinical trial to observe the treatment results of StemActiv for 198 RP patients. We randomly divided 198 RP patients (312 eyes) into two groups. 138 RP patients (216 eyes) were treated mainly with StemActiv in the observed group, and 60 RP patients (96 eyes) were treated with Vitamin A and Lutein ... Read more

Gene testing and therapy

Gene Testing and Therapy: Our doctors have recently begun extensive research into genetic therapy, particularly regarding the gene type CYP4V2, the most common in our Chinese patients. While this genetic testing is entirely optional, for an additional 1,000 USD, patients receive a blood test to potentially find the specific broken gene that is causing their RP. If we are able to identify which gene is broken, we will keep this in our records and contact the patient in the future if ... Read more

New RP Serum Injection Treatment

New RP Serum Injection Treatment  While exciting advancements are being made on the gene therapy front that will help many RP patients in the years to come, proper intervention treatments that enable people suffering from RP to maintain visual function are vital for two reasons. First, they improve quality of life by enabling patients to continue to see their world. Second, they ensure the overall success of emerging gene therapies — which require some existing visual function to work. Our team at Restore ... Read more