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Tom Tarrant’s blog I: life with retinitis pigmentosa

"My blindness is something I've been confronting my whole life." Tom Tarrant is a successful young San Francisco businessman, a selfstarter who's pursued a fast career track with an MBA from Berkeley. He has retinitis pigmentosa, first diagnosed when he was six years old. "I guess I've been confronting it in bits and pieces," he reflects. "My prognosis to get progressively more blind as I get older is not always easy to deal with. But it's critical to understand how to ... Read more

How to deal with child that has RP (retinitis pigmentosa)

Your child’s teachers and school officials can be important members of your support team as you all work to help your child succeed. You should contact your child’s teachers and principal before the school year begins to discuss arrangements your child may require. Children may try to hide struggles they experience, and can sometimes behave differently at home compared to school. Parents need to be alert for signs their child is struggling and needs help. Frequent contact with your child’s teachers can ... Read more