Case study – Stem Cell Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa Patient

Name: Jenny Lim
Diagnosis: Retinitis Pigmentosa
D.O.B: 06 Jun 1960
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America
Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, Serum treatment, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Acupoint Injection

Physical condition before the Stem Cell Treatment :

This patient has been night blind since young, she has gradually decreased vision in both eyes since the age of 38, and has declined significantly in recent years.
In August 2019, both eyes had retinal pigment degeneration, visual field defects, and optic atrophy Complicated cataract. the right eye was 0.2, the left eye was 0.3

Stem Cell Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa for 7 days treatment:

The patient was given comprehensive examinations after admission. After a multi-disciplinary consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan was formulated, including stem cell injections, serum treatment, chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture and acupoint injection.

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) :

After 7 days of treatment, The right eye was corrected from 0.2 to 0.3, the left eye was corrected from 0.3 to 0.5

Notice: Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients, including patients with retinal degeneration and optic nerve atrophy, must be treated as soon as possible. The earlier treatment, the more improvement.