Case study –A Malasia RP patient story in China RP Center

Name: Anthony Dan
Diagnosis: Retinitis Pigmentosa
D.O.B: 16 Sep 1978
Gender: Male
Country: Malaysia
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Serum treatment, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, and Acupoint Injection

Physical condition before the Stem Cell Treatment :

The patient is a 41-year-old; both eyes were presented with progressive impaired vision for the past 20 years. He was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa disease.

Medical History: No signs of hepatitis, tuberculosis, trauma, no blood transfusions, and no history of smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse. No known allergies to medications.

His bilateral pupils were equal in size and round, with a diameter of about 3.0mm. Bilateral direct light reflex and indirect light reflex were sensitive. Loss of central binocular visual field.

He has problems seeing clearly with his peripheral vision and can only distinguish between large objects.

He could not accurately identify the number of fingers. The chromatic vision was poor, could not distinguish between certain colors such as black, green, pink, and purple.

Treatment Procedure and Results:

The patient was given comprehensive examinations after admission.

After a multi-disciplinary consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan was formulated, including stem cell treatment, serum treatment, Chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture and acupoint injection.

The patient received treatment to improve blood circulation and to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves and to nourish the neurons.

After the treatment, the patient’s condition had good improvement, gradually: After the treatment, new blood vessels have formed in the eyes, and the color of the retina in the left eyeball has improved slightly.

The yellow spot is clearer than before.

The binocular vision has improved, the central vision field can distinguish between the shapes of individual objects, but the clarity is still not good.

He can accurately identify the number of fingers shown to him his peripheral vision has improved and he can distinguish between different body types and hairstyles much more easily.

His chromatic sensation is more sensitive and He has increased sensitivity to blue, red, and yellow.