Antioxidants Prolong Cone Survival and Maintain Cone Function in RP

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Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a devastating eye disease and at present, there are no known treatment options that can alter the rate of vision loss and eventual blindness.

In a series of studies in animal models, the effects of exposing cones in the periphery of the retina to a large excess of oxygen results in progressive oxidative damage to cone photoreceptors and cone cell death.

Cone cell death gradually spreads from the periphery of the retina toward its center, narrowing the visual field and eventually resulting in tunnel vision.

Compared to control patients, those with RP showed a significant reduction in the reduced to oxidized glutathione ratio (GSH/GSSG) in aqueous humor and a significant increase in protein carbonyl content.

This demonstration of oxidative stress and oxidative damage in the eyes of patients with RP, suggests that oxidative damage-induced cone cell death in animal models of RP may translate to humans with RP and support the hypotheses that(1) potent antioxidants will promote cone survival and function in patients with RP and (2) aqueous GSH/GSSG ratio and carbonyl content on proteins provide useful biomarkers of disease activity in this patient population.

Orally administered StemActiv ( been found to be a particularly effective antioxidant that promotes prolonged cone survival and maintenance of cone function in RP patients.

Since oral administration of StemActiv is feasible for long-term treatment in humans, and it has a good safety profile, there is absolutely NO side effects for short-term or long-term consume.