An Innovative Approach to RP – China RP Integrative Treatment Center

Since a decade ago, our team at China RP Integrative treatment center has started to use stem cells to treat RP and other degenerative eye disorders.

From the very beginning of the practice, we realized that regenerative medicine, mainly represented by stem cell implantation, would be an ultimate solution for these problems, but the implantation alone is far from enough to make it an effective treatment.

The premise of a successful stem cell treatment must guarantee the implanted stem cells to live, grow, and function inside the human body.

Unfortunately, the internal environment of a patient is usually pathological making the implanted cells hard to survive. In fact, the internal environment of a healthy person also isn’t easy for foreign stem cells to stay alive.

Therefore, the artificial creation of an internal environment suitable for the implanted cells to live and function becomes a key issue for successful stem cell therapy to perform.

The method of making the “artificial creation” for stem cell therapy was invented by China RP integrative treatment center since then.

The treatments include stem cell implantation, serum injection, optic nerve growth factor, TCM herbal medicine. The conjunctive treatments ensure the stem cell makes the best function and repair the damaged optic nerve cells when it’s injected into the eyes.