An Arab Patient Treatment Story in China RP Center

Mohamed is 25 years old, comes from the United Arab Emirates. On 2019-10, Mohamed’s parents brought Mohamed came to China RP Center.

Before treatment:
The patient was found to have night blindness after birth, he could not read in weak night light but it had no effect on his day vision. Four years ago there was no obvious inducement for the decrease of daytime visual acuity and he also had blurred vision under strong sunlight. Three years ago he was unable to use mobile phones, his near and far vision was affected and accompanied by peripheral visual field defects. After a series of examinations in the hospital two years ago, he was clearly diagnosed as “retinitis pigmentosa” and there was no treatment. He needs assistance with walking. The patient has been in good spirits, his diet and sleep are basically normal and his urination and defecation functions are normal.

Medical Examination:
Patient’s eyesight vision: naked eyesight at 3 meters chart: both eyes 0.25; right eye 0.25; his left eyesight at 70cm was 0.08. the eyes fundus examination: right eye fundus color was pale orange, A: V 1:4. There were some black deposits in the equator area. Left eye fundus examination: faint yellow, A: V 1:4; there were black deposits covering 2/3 of the equator area. The macula border was unclear. The bilateral forehead wrinkle and nasolabial fold are symmetrical, showing teeth was normal, he could make his tongue extend out normally and his neck can move freely. The 4 limbs muscle tone was normal, muscle power of the 4 limbs was 5 degrees, abdomen reflex was normal, tendon reflex of all 4 limbs was normal, sucking reflex was negative, the bilateral palm-jaw reflex was negative. The Hoffmann sign of both sides was negative, the Babinski sign of both sides was negative, the patient sensory system was normal, his coordinate movement was normal and the meningeal irritation sign was negative.

Our doctor checked his vision and made a treatment plan for them. The medical plan includes Stem cell treatment, Serum treatment, and the Tradition of Chinese Medicine treatment.

After treatment:
After 9 days of treatment, his eyesight improved. Naked vision:3 meters, both eyes are corrected to 0.3. The peripheral visual field of both eyes is enlarged. The visual field check of both eyes: upward 14.5cm, downward 6cm; left side 13cm, right side 25cm; his right eye visual field check: upward 11cm, downward 7.5cm; left side 18cm, right side 21cm; left eye visual field check: upward 9cm, downward 7cm; left side 11cm, right side 14.5cm. His night vision was also improved.