Alan’s Treatment Story in China RP Center

On the first day of 2020, Alan came to our center, she is the first patient on this new year. Alan is a 20 years old girl, come from United States.

In the most beautiful age, her best wish is to see the world again. When she came to our consulting room, we were distressed by the appearance of her face. She was in a bad state of mind, her eyes was not radiant, and her response was slightly slow when our doctor asked about her condition.

Alan suffered a facial fracture and diffuse axonal injury due to a car accident six months ago, and she was unconscious for 20 days. After medicial check, her right eye vision 0.4 left eye vision 0.25. binocular vision helplessness; right eyelid drooping, eyeball abduction is not possible, left eyeball movement is OK; binocular conjunctiva is not hyperemic, cornea is transparent, front The room is deep, clear, pupils are round, and reflection of light is present. Examination of the visual field revealed a severe defect in the visual field of both eyes, with a left eye VFI of 16%, MD-27.13dB, a right eye VFI of 16%, and MD-27.13dB. (The visual field VFI of normal people is more than 95%) B-mode ultrasonography indicates that the vitreous body of the eyes is slightly opaque. Examination of the OCT indicates that the macular fovea of the two eyes disappears, the omentum atrophy becomes thinner, and the optic nerve OCT indicates that the RNFL atrophy becomes thinner.

In the process of communicating with her, Alan kept repeating the words “Doctor, will I never see it again in the future”? Our doctor calmed her anxiety and formulated a treatment plan for her, the treatment included stem cell treatment and serum treatment, and Chinese medicine treatment.

After nine days treatment, on 2020-01-11, Alan was discharged from our center. Her visual field review showed that the left eye VFI was 96% and the right eye VFI was 97%. This level of vision recovery is surprising. and her eyes could reach 0.8, her eyesight was close to normal people.

Alan was cried, she said she must be in a dream, she could not believe this was true. As a hospital focus on ophthalmology, our goal is to improve the quality of life of more patients, we will continue work hard to make the treatment better and save more people’s eye vision.