Our Team

While there are many Western and TCM doctors that treat RP throughout China, our team at China RP Integrative Treatment Center is comprised of only the top medical experts in their respective fields. Before joining our staff, all chief doctors must have a minimum of 20 years clinical experience and have treated at least 5,000 RP patients. In order to give patients the best treatment results and still keep the price affordable, we set up a platform for the Chinese RP specialists and let them compete to offer the best quality treatment as well as the best service but still with the reasonable price.

Carol Gu

Carol Gu, MD, graduated from University Heidelberg, Germany. She got her bachelor’s degree of clinical medicine from Hebei Medical University in 2004. From 2005 to 2010, she studied and worked in Germany in healthcare facilities. She speaks fluent English, German and Chinese. With her medical background as well as overseas experience, she is in charge of international patients service.

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee has studied and worked in Texas USA for many years. He worked in different nursing homes in the United States and has a lot of experience in taking care of disabled people. He speaks fluent English and Chinese. He works as a service coordinator between international patients and medical staff.