Patient Story – A Chinese Patient Get Vision Improved in China RP Center

“I have improved my eyesight, I can work, and take care of my family” — Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang was 50 years old and had night blindness when he was young. When he was in his forties in 2017, his vision was getting worse and worse. He traveled to many hospitals in China to look for treatments, but he was informed that there was no targeted treatment.

On 2018 Nov, Mr. Wang came to China RP Center. After examinations and consultations, our doctor judged that Mr. Wang’s vision recovery was very promising. His central vision was okay, but his vision was significantly reduced. In response to his situation, our doctor made a treatment plan included Serum treatment, Chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture and acupoint injection.

On April 9, 2019. Mr. Wang got re-examination results showed that his eyesight has started to improve. By the end of December 2019, when Mr. Wang came back for review, his binocular corrected vision could reach 1.0, and his visual field also improved significantly. This is a very good effect for a 50-year-old man.

Mr. Wang spoke bluntly in the face, thanking him for the choice at the time. He also showed us his current vision situation on the spot. Whether he looked down at WeChat (a popular cellphone APP in China) or looked up at a projection two or three meters away, he could see clearly.

“I have improved my eyesight, I can work, and take care of my family, and my life at home will get better and better!” Mr. Wang said with a long-lost smile.

We are happy for Mr. Wang’s vision improvement. We want to tell our patients: you don’t have to worry too much about complicated and difficult fundus diseases, but you must treat them as soon as possible! In this way, the eyesight can be controlled to stabilize at a good level. In a short, early find and early treatment.