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Our Mission: China Retinitis Pigmentosa Integrative Treatment Center brings together the top RP experts in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide a comprehensive, integrative treatment solution that meets the individualized needs of the RP patients as well as the other chronic retinal diseases patients we serve. Our treatments range from pretreatment for Stem Cell and Gene Therapies (StemActiv herbal remedy, for more information please review: www.restorevisionherbs.com), Stem Cell therapy to eye injections (serum treatment and optic nerve growth factor), Gene Therapy, Vascular Shunt Surgery, Acupuncture. Our upgrade multifaceted intervention is not only beneficial for RP, but also for other retinal diseases like Usher syndrome, macular degeneration, optic atrophy, Stargardt disease.

Our Goal: At our Treatment Center, we strive to improve visual function and reduce or halt vision progression. There is no cure for RP at this time, but there are a variety of treatments to help patients to maintain some vision. Because RP is an umbrella term for numerous variations of the disease, results vary greatly from patient to patient. But through our individualized treatment approach, we do our best to help as many patients as we can.

Our Results:

According to the survey results, 70-80% of patients who received the treatment have reported at least one noticeable positive result from the therapy. Furthermore, the vast majority mentioned a combination of improvements that significantly improved their life quality.

Below is a list of described improvements, both in patients’ vision and in their daily lives. While each improvement has been reported regularly, the following list of benefits is organized in descending order from most common to least common:

  • Expanded visual field

  • Improved central vision acuity

  • Improved adaptation to changes in light

  • Improved night vision

  • Reduced glare and light sensitivity

  • Reduced eye strain and headaches

  • Improved long-distance vision

  • Enhanced ability to walk independently

  • Improved ability to read

  • Improved facial recognition

  • Improved color vision

  • Improved capacity to see and read screens

  • Improved work-life and job performance

  • Enhanced capacity for self-care and performing daily tasks

  • Increased ability to ascend and descend stairs

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Regained driver license

Our medical team evaluates each patient’s medical history and condition to determine the best possible treatment solution. Not all patients are suitable for our treatment. If you are interested in accessing the treatment provided at our Integrative Treatment Center, please fill out our detailed patient questionnaire.

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