Treatments Offered

At China RP Integrative Treatment Center, we offer a comprehensive array of both Western and TCM treatments for the patients we serve. There are two driving principals behind our treatments: The first is to increase blood flow and circulation to the retina, which is severely lacking in RP patients and critical for healthy retinal function. The second is to stimulate dormant cells and generate new blood vessels and healthy cells in the retina. Below is a list of treatments provided in our comprehensive package. This entire treatment package is provided to all qualifying patients. Note: Our treatment program spans 15 days. For more details, click here.

Comprehensive Testing: All patients undergo a variety of tests prior to any treatments to determine suitability and safety.

  • Blood work
  • Urine tests
  • Visual field
  • FERG—Measures retina function
  • PVEP—Measures optic nerve function
  • Eye Ultra Sound—Checks eye structure, to determine suitability for stem cell surgery
  • Intro Ocular Pressure—Measures eye pressure


Shunt Surgery: This procedure, performed through a small incision above each ear, blocks one of several arteries to the head—resulting in increased blood flow to the optic artery.

IV Infusions: This infusion of Chinese herbs helps to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the patient’s body.

Eye Injections: These injections of Chinese herbs are safely inserted through ocular tissue to provide blood flow and circulation in the retina.

Stem Cell Implantation: Millions of MSC stem cells are inserted into the back of the retina to stimulate dormant cells and grow micro blood vessels.

Acupuncture: Our combination of both traditional and electro-acupuncture is designed to increase blood flow and circulation to the retina, as well as stimulate dormant cells.


Our treatment cycle schedule is as follows:
Week 1: Testing, vascular shunt surgeries, stem cell implantation, and start of comprehensive TCM treatments, eye injections and IV infusions.
Week 2: Comprehensive TCM treatments (12 days), completion of IV infusions (7 treatments), eye injections (14 injections) and recovery from surgeries, final testing.


The above integrative treatment program is offered to all qualifying first time patients. In some instances, these treatments are not sufficient. For these patients, we offer a more complex surgery. Note: This surgery is only offered to returning patients, after a minimum of 2 years have passed since their first treatments.

Superior Rectus Choroid Anastomosis Surgery: This surgery, for returning mid- to late stage patients, involves implanting an artery of the superior rectus into the suprachoroidal space. This results in contractions of the choroid, providing continual blood flow and circulation each time a patient blinks or moves their eyes.