Welcome to China RP Integrative Treatment Center

Our Mission: China RP Integrative Treatment Center brings together the top RP experts in Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide a comprehensive, integrative treatment solution that meets the individualized needs of the RP patients we serve. Our treatments range from shunt surgery and stem cell implantation, to eye injections, electro-acupuncture and Nano herb Iontophresis therapy.

Our Goal: At China RP Integrative Treatment Center, we strive to improve visual function and reduce or halt the progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa. There is no cure for RP at this time, but there are a variety of treatments to help people suffering from RP to maintain some vision. Because RP is an umbrella term for numerous variations of the disease, results vary greatly from patient to patient. But through our individualized treatment approach, we do our best to help as many patients as we can.

Our Results: 30% of patients see improvement during their stay at our center. An estimated 80% of patients experience improvement within 3 to 6 months after our treatment.

Our medical team evaluates each patient’s medical history and condition to determine the best possible treatment solution. Not all RP patients are suitable for our treatment. If you are interested in accessing the treatment provided at our Integrative Treatment Center, please fill out our detailed patient questionnaire.

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